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Customer Testimonials

The 2012 Prim, Howell Mountain, Cabernet Sauvignon was wonderful...Craig

We opened the first of the four bottles of the 2014 Orrin Sage Pinot that was recently delivered.  It was awesome.  Is there any more of this on hand? If there is please let me know….we will want to order more....Barrett

I finally tried the James Joseph '13 Napa Reserve.  It was wonderful!! ...Liz

Excellent Zin…I appreciate all that you guys do, and really enjoy the wines…Jeffrey

Recent orders arrive in Excellent temperature conditions, I do appreciate your presale and postsale follow UP and the quality of your personalized SERVICE . Especially your wine sugestions and advice. Mil gracias. Best regards,  Mario 

Thanks to you for making my life a lot more enjoyable and exciting. Would never, ever get to experience the incredible variety of beautiful wine if it weren't for you guys. Love it! Thx -- Bubba

We just opened our first bottle [Steps 2012]...OMG. What great wine!!! Any more available?? Great tout...thank you.

I may be crazy, but I'm enjoying the Cosa Obra more than some Pinots at two, and even three times the price.  So kudos. --James

Your extraordinary service is why my cellar is ALWAYS full.  Your are the best.

I just drank the best Viognier I have ever tasted...if you still have any of the 2012 Vogelzang Birdsong Viognier, I would love to have 6 more bottles.  Thanks.

The Capuchina Vieja is excellent!  Thanks.

We've been very happy with all of the wine we've ordered. 
--Thank you, Jeannine

Thanks for the follow up, yes I am looking at the wine as I write this.  Thanks again, you folks are awesome to work with.

Thanks, the bottles were nice and cool - we are looking forward to this evening when we both will hear that familiar "pop" sound as the cork comes out of a bottle we just received via your excellent service.  You're the best!! 
--Cheers, Wil and Elaine

Yes, arrived great...Thanks for your prompt service.

Perfect!  And thanks for making this so easy - you provide exceptional service and it is greatly appreciated. 

John, that was shipping always that fast (overnight) from you? Thank you!!

Thanks again for your recommendation of T-Vine Zinfandel.  It is an awesome wine.
I'm sure it will be highly enjoyed by everyone in Santa Fe.

You are wonderful, most convenient.

Just had the first bottle of Spotted Owl last night and loved it! Do you have any varieties of Spotted Owl left?
--Regards, Tony

Thanks for such a quick reply!  By the way, the Gamba Zin I recently purchased is incredible-blew me away. 
--Best, Chet

Received the wine this afternoon and enjoying a glass with my wife at this moment. Excellent!

The shipment arrived today and we just finished our first bottle.  Wonderful wine. Thank you for alerting us to Scout's Honor. 

We just placed another order for the Spotted Owl Mountain Cuvee. We will continue to order and look forward to exploring new vineyards.
--Thank you, Jeannine

I have never had this wine before; however, based upon your previous recommendations, I am certain that I will lover it.  I appreciate receiving your recommendations. 

We got our 2 cases on Tuesday as well.  Enjoyed our first Young Ridge last night with Lasagne and really enjoyed it.

We really like the LEO Malbec.  If you have any left, we'd like to order a case. 
--Please let me know, Tim

Yes, the wine got here last night and we enjoyed our first bottle.  It is outstanding.  Thanks again for a great recommendation. 
--All the best, Jeff

I want to thank you for keeping me informed on the status of my recent orders.  All have been received and appreciated very much.  I will place another order in the next day or so for shipment to another client. 
--Thanks Again and Happy New Year, David

All I can say is WOW! This is an excellent wine [2008 Spotted Owl Cabernet Cuvee] for the price - you can certainly expect more orders from me...thanks again for the great wine and great service. 
--All the best, Jeff

Wine just got delivered.  And it’s PERFECT!! Cannot wait to try this wine.  My wife Kristi and I are HUGE fans of Paul Hobbs. We’ve been drinking chardonnay from his winery for YEARS.  Many thanks for everything.

I’d like to order 6 bottles of the Darms Lane please.  Do you have my shipping and cc info on file, or do you need to get this info again?  By the way, we loved the Laird, Le Pich and Venge we received last week.
--Thanks, Debbie

Kristi and I cracked open a bottle of the Venge Zin last night.  Wow. Very Yummy, especially for a relatively young red. My observations are that the wine is very jammy and smooth.  Extremely drinkable. Thanks for your offer.

We greatly enjoyed a bottle of the Scouts Honor last night.  We are looking forward to trying the other.  Thanks again for you great service!! 

Thank you for the prompt attention to this order, and for the great communication.
--Best regards, JMR  

I just opened the package. Looks great. I appreciate the assistance.

We were able to pick up the wine Saturday and all went well. We opened a bottle of the Le Pich and loved it!
--Thanks again, Joe

Kristi and I have really taken to Scout’s Honor. We took two bottles to a 4thof July barbeque at our friends, and the wine was a big hit (the crowd has a strong pinot noir bias, but loved the Scout’s Honor). I’m packaging up a case of wine for my daughter Jocelyn in SB, as she will be here on the 20th. She’s getting several of the bottles coming today.

Yes, got the case of Scout’s Honor just fine. Thanks again for everything. You make things VERY SMOOTH!

In the cellar for my mandatory 3 month laydown. Keep Joy in your heart.

The UPS guy was as excited as I was!! Great service!
--Thx, Will

The wine has arrived and it is still cool!
--Thanks, David/Austin,

Thank you so much for your fabulous service.

I just opened a bottle of the Laird, Jillian's blend.  It is stupendous and exceptional! 
I had the Silver Oak before and I have to say I place the Laird up there too. 
--Thanks, Jose

We picked up the wine today and we opened a bottle of the James Joseph...WOW!!! The wife and I loved it.
Would love to buy some more but wait till it cools down before it gets shipped.
--Regards, Joe

Just wanted to let you know that the wine arrived and after a few days of resting, we tried it and it is delicious! 
Do you have any left?
--Thank you, Karen

We just had a bottle of the Carne Humana tonight and it was wonderful.
--Thanks again, Paul

The wine arrived in perfect condition!  We will have a steak tomorrow night and decant a bottle. 
--Regards, Rich

My order arrived yesterday. Can't wait to try some. Thanks very much for the great personal service. Win

I keep introducing my friends to Venge Scout’s Honor, and they UNIVERSALLY go berserk over this wine. Do you have any more of the Venge Scout’s Honor left? I bought a case from you the last time, and still have 11 bottles in my collection. But I think I might become the stocking agent to my friends for this wine. 

The wine is new favorite, thank you so much. 
--Cheers! Debra

Even though it was 107 degrees yesterday here in Austin, and the final delivery truck was not refridgerated, the wine arrived still slightly chilled!  I'm sure we'll do more business in the future.

Just had a bottle of Saldo with our neighbors and it was awesome.
She would like to be added to your email list. Thanks. Look forward to your next offer.